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What is a Good Trust Flow Score? 

What is a Good Trust Flow Score

What is a Good Trust Flow Score? If you are looking for a short answer, a good trust flow score is anything that is 50 or higher. If your site has a score between 11 to 49, that is considered average. A very poor score is anything 10 or lower.

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What is a Trust Flow Score Anyway?

The trust flow score was actually created by the folks at Majestic SEO. 

Over time, a trust flow has gone hand in hand with PageRank to determine how well a page will rank online. It is now a very important metric for anyone looking to do SEO.

Thus, it is vital that anyone taking SEO seriously should consider increasing their trust flow score as high as possible.

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Just think about it… Politician A gets 100 votes while Politician B gets 5 votes. Who wins?

In the same way, Site A which gets 100 backlinks will rank higher over Site B which gets 5 backlinks.

However, it is not as easy as you think. Getting 100 low-quality backlinks will do you no good at all. It is much better to get 5 high-quality and relevant backlinks.

Building backlinks is not for everybody. It is time-consuming and you must really know what to look for in terms of site relevance, traffic, and more.

This is why many customers look to RankoVerse’s link-building service! We do everything manually, which means nothing is automated.

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How To Get a Good Trust Flow Score

Building high-quality and relevant backlinks to your site will definitely improve your trust flow score into the “good” category.

Here are some ideas on what you can do:

1 – Connect with Influencers or Bloggers in your Niche

This is a big one because when these sites related to your niche give your site a backlink from their site, it is basically telling Google that those sites are vouching for you online.

You can get them to link back to you by offering them something of value (such as a guest post).

When more sites like these link to you, it will help you rank for more keywords in your niche.

2 – Internal Links

While it is important to acquire backlinks to your site, internal links are equally as important. 

The key is to keep the “link juice” flowing all throughout your site. 

You do not want any of your site pages to be “orphan pages.” This basically means that the page itself has no links pointing to it.

A good rule of thumb is to link out to at least 3 pages on your site. You can also give an external link to another site that will help validate your blog.

For example, I am linking to Majestic because they are the ones who created the Trust Flow term in the first place! I am reading this topic because they created this whole metric that is now a ranking factor.

3 – Disavow Toxic Backlinks

When your site has toxic backlinks, this does not help you build a good trust flow score. 

While Google is pretty good at ignoring toxic links, you can make their job easier by submitting a disavow file on Google Search Console for all the spammy backlinks your site may have.

Final Thoughts on What is a Good Trust Flow Score?

A good Trust Flow score will help your website stand apart from the rest. It is an important ranking metric. So, do not ignore it!

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