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The Truth About Backlinks – Does Link Building ACTUALLY Work in 2023?

the truth about backlinks

If you’re on this page, you probably want to know the truth about backlinks. Does it still work in 2023?

The short answer is yes. Backlinks will always play a big role in influencing the rankings of a website.

The long answer is that it is not as easy as building the highest number of links to your site. The backlink itself has to be relevant and non-spammy.

Read on to learn about some real-life examples of how RankoVerse’s link-building service has increased the organic traffic of an eCommerce website.

The Truth About Backlinks

Google says that backlinks are one of its top three ranking factors. Not building any backlinks to your site is almost a guaranteed way to tell Google that you are not a trusted website.

Just think about it… Politician A gets 100 votes while Politician B gets 5 votes. Who wins?

In the same way, Site A which gets 100 backlinks will rank higher over Site B which gets 5 backlinks.

However, it is not as easy as you think. Getting 100 low-quality backlinks will do you no good at all. It is much better to get 5 high-quality and relevant backlinks.

Building backlinks is not for everybody. It is time-consuming and you must really know what to look for in terms of site relevance, traffic, and more.

This is why many customers look to RankoVerse’s manual link-building service! We do everything manually, which means nothing is automated.

Case Study for The Truth About Backlinks

Here is an actual client of RankoVerse. The site has been receiving quality backlinks from us over the course of the year. It was a brand-new site that was not getting any clicks and not ranking for any keywords.

Fast forward almost a year later, you can see the site growth from Google Search Console below:


Ahref is also showing positive growth in keyword rankings as well:


The Truth About Backlinks trafficThe Truth About Backlinks rankings

Backlinks is a long-term game for every site. It takes time Google to crawl these new backlinks to your site. This is why our niche edits backlinks on existing posts are so powerful. Google already trusts these posts since it has been aged online.

So, the indexing process for your backlinks will be much faster.

The Secret to Getting More Organic Traffic

People get backlinks for one reason only – to rank their websites only. This is really the only reason people want to build backlinks in the first place.

However, the secret to getting more organic traffic also comes down to good keyword research in your niche and producing the right kind of content.

Writing articles on your own site for keywords that actually bring in traffic, will help boost your site credibility as these articles rank higher online. To get these articles to rank higher, you need quality backlinks – this is where RankoVerse’s link-building service comes in.

Final Thoughts on The Truth About Backlinks

You now know the truth about backlinks! It is definitely important if you are taking your website seriously and really looking to grow its organic traffic.

Remember, building backlinks is not a fast and easy process. It takes time and dedication to only build the right links that will move the needle.

Consider RankoVerse for your link-building service provider in your link-building campaign! You will get the most hardworking provider that will find you worthy backlinks.