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The RankoVerse Guarantee

The RankoVerse Guarantee

Due to the nature of link building, once we place your links on a site that links to yours, there will be no refunds given.

Just think about it… heart Surgeons don’t give guarantees that you won’t die, lawyers don’t guarantee you won’t go to jail, nutritionists don’t guarantee you will lose weight. In the same way, SEOs cannot give guarantees on increasing keyword rankings through SEO. 

The only guarantee we can give is that we will do SEO work based on Google’s best practices. As long as Googles algorithm is proprietary, RankoVerse refuses to make any guarantees. You should definitely stay away from anyone that guarantees results as no one has control of the pages that Google chooses to show on Page 1.

We also offer a 6 months guarantee where we will replace your link for free if the site owner happens to remove your link for one reason or another.

Thanks for understanding and thanks for choosing RankoVerse!