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Link Building Survey: Surprising Stats For 2023 

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In the year 2023, link-building for a website is still as important as ever before. As seen by Google’s latest search ranking article, a link spam update was recently rolled out in mid-January 2023. This further proves that Google is placing great importance on the backlinks that a site gets.


Having a natural-looking backlink profile is crucial to the organic ranking success of your site. When two sites have optimized all they can for on-page SEO, the factors that Google looks at are external factors such as off-page SEO.

How many quality and relevant backlinks do you actually have?

This article by RankoVerse will show you some of the most surprising backlink statistics from over 700 link builders that do this as a job.

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Link Building Survey Quick Stats

  1. Experienced Link Builders Can Build 3.57X As Many Links As Beginners
  2. Experienced Link Builders Are 49% Cheaper On A Cost Per Link Basis
  3. 74.3% Of Link Builders Pay For Links
  4. Link Builders Are More Likely To Pay For Links As They Gain More Experience
  5. The Average Cost For A Paid Link Is $83
  6. In-House SEOs Pay 75% More For Links Than Niche Site Owners
  7. Experienced SEOs Pay 221% More For Links
  8. On Average, Paying For Links Only Yields An Extra 2 Links Per Month
  9. Paying For Links Increases Link Building Budget By 42.85%
  10. 61.7% Of SEOs Report Link Building Getting More Expensive
  11. It Takes On Average 3.1 Months To See The Impact Of Links On Search Rankings
  12. 89.1% Of Link Builders Believe Nofollow Links Impact Search Rankings
  13. Guest Posting Is By Far The Most Popular Link Building Tactic
  14. Agencies And In House SEOs Are More Than 3 Times As Likely To Do Digital PR
  15. Link Builders Rate Creating Content As The Most Effective Link Building Tactic
  16. Digital PR Gets 433% More Popular As Link Builders Gain Experience
  17. Experienced Link Builders Rely 56.41% Less On Metrics Like DR/DA And Focus More On Search Rankings
  18. Relevancy, Bad Neighborhoods, And Poor SEO Metrics Are The Biggest Red Flags For Link Builders
  19. Link Builders Using Social Media For Outreach Gain 22% Extra Links Per Month
  20. RankoVerse personal opinion: Link building is an important aspect of SEO and plays a crucial role in your organic ranking success even in 2023!

Note: Data was taken from Authority Hacker and compiled into this shortened list.

If you would like to listen to these data in video format instead, feel free to play the video below:


Final Thoughts on the Link Building Survey

You have now learned some of the most interesting facts and statistics about link building for 2023. 

The simple truth is that link building is a process that requires manual hard work in order to build quality links. There are no shortcuts to building links that will actually increase your site authority and rankings.

Let RankoVerse do the work for you! We have proven success ranking tough eCommerce sites in the CBD niche on quality backlinks alone. Contact us today to get your free backlink audit.

Do you have any new findings from personal experience that you wanted to share with us? Feel free to leave a comment down below!

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